Tuesday, February 1, 2011

And one more time... For Today...

Outside my window.... No this isn't outside my window, we're expecting that giant snow storm today/tomorrow. This is a photo taken on an adventure to Niagara Falls Green House with my friend Janice.

I'm thinking....  it's so toasty warm in here.

I am thankful for...a friend who will walk through these places with me ,and have enough energy to walk back to our hotel room.

From the Learning Room:..I'm learning  that even if we can't afford to go south, we can steal a slice of sunshine in the north (in a greenhouse).

From the kitchen...my boys are finally feeling better, so I think it might be a real meal tonight. This was last nights dinner, for todays lunch Sasha took a couple of pieces of cake.Aren't I an awful mom. I could not think of what to feed this boy that would stay in him, so I baked a cake, no stomach has the nerve to mess with that.  

I am wearing...my p.j.s, (it's very early,can't sleep, stayed up too late reading).

I am creating...still working on that little metal book, but last night I started and finished my kitchen curtains, now to get that rod up...I'm thinking of making cushions for my outdoors with these sack from rice... What do ya think?

I am going..to stay home and clean, another portion of my basement, yesterday was the cold cellar, it was cold all right.
See that Tide box, it's filled with wonderful ideas, I'm using the fan to dry  my floor.

I am reading....Backseat Saints, Joshilyn Jackson,  soooooo good.

I am hoping...to clear and vacuum 1/2 my studio, no point in saying the whole thing, it's not going to happen too much stuff to move and organize. (I'm really looking for the brackets to this curtain rod.  I know I put them someplace safe, but where?

I am hearing...the snow removal guys revving up their motors.

Around the house... the usual, nothing exciting, my husband got scared that he'd have to help me move things around so he quickly found a job. My son's back to school after his illness.

One of my favourite things...walking through green houses with a good friend and enjoying  the Tropics in the middle of an Ontario winter, I suppose it will soon be tulips and crocus'.

I'm sharing these photos of our stroll through the Canary Greenhouse in Niagara Falls,

 For Today is a meme hosted by a Simple Woman's Daybook,  My friend is off work for the next couple of days and we're planning another visit.  I never have to work hard at convincing her to go to the Falls, except we'll not be able to walk, too much ice on the path at this time of year.

If you commented on my previous post, thank you (Jenny), It's now driven me nuts and I've re-done it. Love you gal.


Jenny the Pirate said...

Oh ... OK. What I said before ...

Rosadimaggio63 said...

Oh che belli questi fiori Irene !!!
Buona gornata :)

National Pet Day...

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