Thursday, October 21, 2010

In Honour of June Cleaver...

The Beavers Mom

Do you remember June Cleaver, I do. We didn't have a T.V. when I was growing up, so watching the Beaver was something I did when I was nursing my first son. He seemed to really enjoy that music and relaxed and nursed well. This was a trying experience for me, although well worth it, trying. Anyway, we recently lost June Cleaver, Barbara Billingsley, how sad. I always loved her dresses, would that I could look that put together anytime, let alone while I was cleaning out the fireplace. As Jenny says, "I hope you changed out of your P.J.s..." I do really change out of them,reluctantly but I do, although I got on the bus the other day and a lady around my age or older got on with her p.j.'s on. But that's Hamilton for you, they say big cities are weird, trust me you ain't seen nothing yet, if you haven't gotten on the Barton Bus in Hamilton, such and education you couldn't pay for.

So in honour of June Cleaver, I can't dress like her, I'm too large, so I'm reading Sleeping With Ward Cleaver. Mary Boofan recently posted a review on this book and it stuck in my mind, and quite honestly my arms are killing me from reading Musashi, I need a little light reading. I was so ticked with my husband the other day, I thought, "Ward wouldn't do that"... and so I order myself a treat, it arrived today. I'll be packing light for my trip tomorrow.

Book photo from the book I own.


Rosadimaggio63 said...

Hi Irene,
non riesco a ricordarmi di questa attrice, Barbara Billingsley, ma sicuramente avrò visto i suoi film.
le attrici e gli attori della sua epoca, perderli è sempre molto triste !
Buona serata :)

Beth Niquette said...

It was awfully hard to see such a lovely woman, even in her old age, move on. Thank you for this lovely tribute.

Jenny the Pirate said...

Girl I am sure I run you a close second for staying in PJs! Although for me, it's actually a nightgown because I can't sleep in too much material because I get too hot. So rah rah for ladies who lounge at home in their PJs all day (or as much of it as they can get away with), reading and making homemade soups and keeping excellent blogs! Can you tell I made potato corn chowder yesterday, from scratch? It was good, ma cher! And I hope you have fun on your trip dear Irene, and that you especially enjoy reading your new book.

Nise' said...

Yep, I am old enough to remember June Cleaver! My boys go to their college classes in pjs (sweat pants) and their slippers. They want to be comfortable!

Jenners said...

This sounds like a much easier book to read on the (most interesting) bus you ride!

And I don't think many people could pull off the June Cleaver look!

Alyce said...

I wish that I was making more headway on Musashi. I feel like I may be reaching a saturation point for reading about Samurai. I'm going to stick with it though because I'm hoping it will pay off in the end.