Saturday, August 21, 2010

Show me 5 Saturday...

1. The Book I read: Dragon Song, Anne McCaffrey

2 words to describe it: Fantasy adventure

3. Setting where the book took place and characters I met: the story takes place on the Planet Pern.
Menolly is a young girl of 15 who is forbidden to pursue her love of music, so she runs away from the HOLD, which is the village type area that she lives within the community. Her father, Yanus and mother, Mavi are the big cheeses in this community and are really strict with her, and yes there is an evil sister.

4things I liked/disliked about the book: I liked the character Menolly, the author developed her quite thoroughly. With her feeling the way she did, it was absolutely plasable for her to run away.
I liked the clear picture the author gave of the community, of the planet, of characters and their standing on Pern.

I liked/loved the dragons. I wish we saw
them in my part of the world.

I liked the ending as well, even though we see Menolly life change, we fully expect to hear from her again.

5 stars of less for my rating: I'm giving this book a 3.5. Even though I thoroughly enjoyed it, I found it a little hard to get into. I was on chapter 3 before I felt I would continue, but once I started I read it quickly. The ending was predictable, even if the scene was fantasy.

The Whys and Wheres... I got this copy from the library, (way to go Irene) I read this book to fulfil # 6 on my Take Another Chance Challenge, genre switch up. I rarely read fantasy, after this book, maybe a little more frequently. I do love Dragons.
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Jenners said...

Alyce at At Home With Books is always going on about this series. It isn't my preferred genre either, but it sounds like it wasn't all that bad!

Kaye said...

It would be totally cool to see a dragon, wouldn't it? Although, at a distance says wimpy me.

Rosadimaggio63 said...

Hi Irene,
ritorno dalla montagna e ti ritrovo ancora a leggere !!!
L'aria fresca e frizzante della montagna inizia a mancarmi !!!!
Help !!!
Buona giornata :-))

Jenny Girl said...

Good job for sticking with it, even though the ending was predictable. I usually give a book 100 pages and if I'm still not interested, away it goes.

Jenny the Pirate said...

Irene, you dragon-loving darling you ... you never cease to amaze me.

Alyce said...

Have you read any of Anne McCaffrey's other books? She has some fantastic dragon books. I read them out of order myself, but the first in the series is Dragonflight.

And Jenners is right, I am always going on about this series and author. :)

Annie said...

Hi Irene. Thanks for popping in to my orchids.

Yes, I hope for your sake, you have a while before the white stuff arrives!! ;-)

You made this fantasy book sound almost readable to me. I am afraid I just can't do fantasy. never have, never will. Hard enough to make sense of the real world, let alone a fantasy one! Sorry!

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