Thursday, March 25, 2010

Think about it Thursday...

On Tuesday, Jenner of "Find Your Next Book Here" did a hilarious post. I feel it only fair to let you know my answer to Jenners question, which is.

Time to be naughty :) Have you ever fantasized about a book character? Don't worry. We won't tell Mr. Jenners, or anyone else.

So I ask you is it Mr. Darcy or Edward from the Twilight series or James Bond or what other hotty? Well I've been around for awhile and there have been a number of hotties I've been attracted to. My first love would have to be "Atticus Finch" " and I don't limit myself to just characters, but authors too, "there have been so many" just a line from McEwen's poem.

Anyway,DO think about it, what book character do you fantasize about?


Jenners said...

Oh ... you went for the mind and the body ... I went purely for the body!!! Very nice choice!

Jeanne said...

Oh very cool question! I see a scrapbook layout coming from this one. Spenser (with an 's') from the Robert Parker series. Strong, smart, witty and the man can cook!