Saturday, January 16, 2010

Saturday Afternoon at the Movies

Today when I colapsed after my 3 mile walk I flicked on the tube and there it was my all time favorite movie, To Kill a Mockingbird. Don't you just love Atticus? I do. and almost no commercials. How Oh How was my laundry going to be done? Hummmmmmmmmm. And then my son phoned to see what's for supper, couldn't you just say, eat out. I did! Even though my supper is simmering away in the slow cooker. I think movies should be timed so you could throw a load of wash in during commercials. Maybe I'll write a letter to someone.
I also have to mention that in my salvage rescue from my mother's home I found a chifarobe, I certainly can't get rid of that it's so "to kill a mockingbirdish" Watch for my re-inventing it.

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Annette said...

Ah, yea, I do love that movie, and your too funny about what you told your son!! Hey I have soooomething for you, stop by and get it~

Love ya~

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