Sunday, November 15, 2009

Awesome Authors Challenge.

As I was reading my favorite blogs this weekend I stummbled accross the "Awesome Author Challenge" I'm in. So all of you who recommend a book to me, you know that will go on the list. So far I've just committed to 3 new authors, but the list is changing rapidly. Check it out. Here.
Welcome to the Awesome Author Challenge!

The idea behind this challenge is to read works by authors who have been recommended to you time and again, yet somehow you haven't managed to read any books by those authors. These are the authors that everyone else tells you are awesome, thus the "Awesome Author Challenge" title.

The Rules:

The challenge starts January 1, 2010 and ends December 31, 2010.

Crossover from other challenges is allowed.

Choose the level at which you would like to participate, post about it and come back and leave a link to your post in Mister Linky.

Titles and authors do not have to be predetermined, and can change at any time.

Books can come from any genre or reading level, the only requirement is that you have heard great things about the author, but haven't yet read any of their works.

The Levels:

Easy: Choose three authors and read at least one title from each author.

Moderate: Choose six authors and read at least one title from each author.

Challenging: Choose ten authors and read at least one title from each author.

Over-Achieving: Anything over ten authors.

I will be posting my choice authors and the books I read with opinion as I get along.
I know one will have to be Jane Austin. My son Sasha insists. I'm sort of thinking some Vampire stuff but he tells me this is not for mothers. "Like H..." I say.


Jeanne said...

What a agreat challenge for the new year Irene. I'm in! Just gotta decide my level hehe.

Annie said...

I hope you are going to tell us what is on the list...or is that it on the sidebar?

Alyce said...

Jane Austen is a good choice! :) I can't wait to see your other choices. Thanks for joining the challenge!

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