Friday, October 16, 2009

Friday 56... Blue Jelly

* Grab the book nearest you. Right now.
* Turn to page 56.
* Find the fifth sentence.
* Post that sentence (plus one or two others if you like) along with these instructions on your blog or (if you do not have your own blog) in the comments section of this blog.
*Post a link along with your post back to this blog. Story time with Tonya and Friends.
* Don't dig for your favorite book, the coolest, the most intellectual. Use the CLOSEST.

3. Wipe the jar rims clean with the tip of a towel dipped in the boiling water bath. Place the hot lids on the jars and screw the rings on firmly. Process in the boiling water canner for 10 minutes. Don't tighten the screw band afterward or turn the jars upside down. Give the jelly away when you're done.

I started to read this book for no other reason than it was not as heavy to carry around as the Josephine B triology, the next volume. I thought I would look less insane if I was laughing out loud on the train, than crying. (too often the case for me). I'm not sure I'll be trying any of the recipes for a broken heart just yet. Happy Friday 56.

I cannot seem to link storytimewith tonya. please try just typing it in. So sorry I don't know what I'm doing wrong. Maybe tonya and friends just don't like me?

photo of the book I own.


me again said...

Okay, so I did that. The book was Sea Swept (I have it out from the library but haven't started it yet; it's a Nora Roberts book). Here's what I get: "Cigar?"

Cherry said...

Hey nice book... sounds like it would be a good read for a paranormal geek like me :)
Can't cook though :(

My Friday 56: Cherry Mischievous

Annie said...

Hi Irene..thanks for visiting my flowers, so pleased they cheer you up!

I have looked for my closest book...(I am up late down under doing a sudoku, and supposed to be asleep)...and the sentence was "it's very deep" the next says..."I couldn't see the wretch , but I fancied his face was growing pale, and although I daren't look at him,neither durst I trust myself with my back to him, so affecting an air of nonchalance I was far from feeling, I got up and faced him while affecting to be searching in my pocket for matches, my hand in reality clutching the revolver".

mmm...sounds interesting..from The Dead Witness, or The Bush Waterhole, by Mary Fortune (Waif Wanderer)? from The Penguin Best Australian Short Stories. (ed by Mary Lord) (first published 1991), this ed published 2000.

The bit about the author is interesting...(1833-1910)? Little is known about this prolific writer,who may have been the first woman in Australia to make her living by the pen. There is little doubt that she was the first woman in Australia, and possibly in the world, to write detective stories, a genre in its infancy at that time!

I never did get past the intro to this book...found another couple to read along the way! This one still lies on my bed...must get back into it!!

Snowbell said...

Sounds like a very cool book! Thanks for visiting my blog

National Pet Day...

This is our pet cat, he lived with us for 18 years, adopted from a shelter, best cat ever. RIP Keahan