Thursday, July 2, 2009

theme Thursday

Over the last few days my posts have been somewhat scattered, all with good reason. You see I've been doing things that I love to do. My friend Anna's daughter got married yesterday, Canada Day, and over the last few weeks, Anna her mother Rosa, and I have been tending to the details. First there were the programs. Well I had urged this young bride to get it together so I could practice some of my book binding techniques, well she stalled, with good reason I suppose. You see there were four languages involved. Meaning if she printed in one language the members of the other heritage would be insulted, well finally Anna did it. She chose everything in English, and then just a few short readings in ALL four languages. So we ended up with a rather short little booklet, too late to bind, so we ended up putting two lovely ribbons around it with a nice pear button in the corner.

Then of course, Anna and her family vacation in Italy each summer and ordered their confetti candy (traditionally tied to a bomboniere) as part to the centre pieces. Well they were to be delivered in early May and actually arrived late/mid June. I had volunteered to help her put these together, and while she thought they would be a breeze, there were still 36 of them to do.

I always feel a wreath on the entry door dresses up the entrance, so we decided we would like a pearl themed thing. I wrapped a "straw wreath" 18" in diameter, (big is always better) with satin ribbon and then glued each pearl to it. It took me days. I have no fingerprints left, the glue gun took them off. But it did turn out great. I had a dream someone slammed the door and all the pearls were everywhere. the staircase also had a pearl them to it. At this point we carried on outside, I didn't take any pictures, because it started to rain, I thought we would have to build and arc. But alas, yesterday was sunny enough for pre-ceremony brunch outdoors, a lovely wedding ceremony, and I don't think I'll be excommunicated because of my decor in the church. I got a little rest during the ceremony because the priest officiating "Father Miguel" is quite close to the family of the bride and has made a point of knowing the groom, he is a Spaniard, speaking Italian, and little English, quite a humorous homily had us in stitches as we listened. Very pleasant. The rain held out until after the Martini bar, and pictures were taken outdoors, and rained only through the first course of the meal. It was warm and dry again for the fire works.
Whats all this got to do with "theme Thursday" well this weeks theme is "funky" after looking in the dictionary, I've decided my contribution to this theme would be to let you know that all this hard work and creativety in so many different aspects, of creation, has gotten be out of my "Funk" I think I can now get on with cleaning my house with some reasonable enthusiasm.
It's good to have a good time.


Leslie Jane Moran said...

Oh my! What a lot of work you did. I absolutely adore that wreath! I can only imagine your poor, poor fingers. I'm sure Anna really appreciated all your splendid efforts. Bravo.

Brian Miller said...

lovely post and addition to the theme. sounds like you have been busy, but in a good way..happy theme thursday, canada day, 4th of july...just have a good weekend. smiles.

J A Harnett-Hargrove said...

Yes, concentration in one area, gives us enthusiasm for another! I know the feeling of the funk rising. Thanks.

The Silver Fox said...

More work than I'D wanna do! Seriously, quite impressive. Nice take on Theme Thursday.

Anonymous said...

I love it ! Very creative ! That's actually really cool Thanks.

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