Tuesday, June 16, 2009

What a fab day...

I didn't post on Sunday, it was far too exciting. I did another bookbinding class. Full metal jacket, yes another one. The other day when I did the photo challege with clocks I suddenly realize the book I planned on journalling in was designated for my thoughts about my son S. Vincent. So I needed a new one.
My sisters and I often have a chuckle at the things my mother use to say, we just hated it when she was right. So I was off to make another one, book that is. I had brought a portion of her old sewing patterns home with no idea what to do with them but, I had a skathingly brilliant idea on Sunday morning and then it just happened.
You simply start with a hunk of suede or leather, and some steel plates from Home Depot. Of course Carolyn does all the prep.

Then after some alchohol ink stamping, and japanese screw punching and eyelet attachment, your spine is ready to add signatures.

I decided to use some scrapbooking paper with communication themes, like telegraphs, letters etc. as well as some of the old sewing pattern envelopes(Only McCalls or Simplicity, my mother hated using Vogue or Butterick patterns) for the covers to each of the eight signatures, thus giving me some chapters to my stories.

I even added beads to the spine and fed the thread back through for a dangley book mark.

It had to have a mauve/lilac spine, I most certainly will know it's my mother's words that I have recorded, it's her favorite color. You can see how little it takes to excite me. I do take pleasure in the little things.


Leslie Jane Moran said...

This IS brilliant. The pattern packs are genius. I just love it.

Jeanne said...

Wow that is really amazing. You did a fabulous job!

Susan Williamson said...

This looks fantastic Irene. I know Carolyn is a great teacher, but you've really given this journal your own spin and I love it ...using those old sewing pattern envelopes IS scathingly brilliant.

me again said...

I LOVE this; it's gorgeous. Very inspiring; I want to make one too!

Anonymous said...


Just Joni said...

Very, very creative. I love it! I always find choosing a personal journal that reflects someone special a near impossible task...this solves that problem! Love the use of the patterns too ~

Some people just have ALL the talent...*sigh.