Wednesday, June 10, 2009

ABC Wednesday "the letter U"

The joys of being and Uncle is my topic for the letter "U". We are all on pins and needles awaiting the arrival of a great niece or nephew, and so childhood of my nieces came to mind. There are many joys in being an uncle, like taking a walk with a little person on your head. Some Uncles have milk bottle legs...

Some Uncle are old and don't look so good in close ups. But they all get very excited about being and Uncle again. (Almost more than being a Dad).

Photo # 1 Andy and Michelle 31years ago, bottom photo more recently Andy and Andrea. Same Uncle two looks.


Noah and John said...

ABC Wednesday!! That's the perfect U! My new little nephew just turned 6 months old! Isn't amazing how proud one can be?! I hop that ABC Wednesday wil be a bit easier next wee for people to find each other. The Mr Linky hasn't been working for some reason on that site which makes it tough! I'm crossing my fingers for next week:)

Noah and John said...

Ooops I commented on my sons accounts! It's Marie:)