Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Cat number two

If you see I haven't blogged for a few days, it's not that I'm not available or have nothing to say, but it's esay time and I think I might have to surgically remove the keyboard from my sons hands. We share the computer. Anyway, here is my second attempt at a cat's eyes, this time one open, one sort of closed. He's obviously asleep, and cats sleep weird so this is how he looks. I liked this medium, scratch paper and knife. Next it's the big cats.


nancy said...

i can never figure out how cats get themselves into these positions!and how they can sleep like that all day and not get a kink in their neck!
great like-ness, is it done with oil or acrylic?

Leslie Jane Moran said...

Very, very nice! Fur is so difficult. That is quite amazing.

Sharon said...

I am so amazed at the degree of realism in your work. It's almost photographic. I love this kind of art. Please keep sharing.