Saturday, March 14, 2009

At a loss for words...

I'm still in the tidy mode. This is a little book we did in our bookbinding class quite some time ago. I've designated it's purpose for "at a loss for words" you know when you want to write something and just are stumped. I've even put my polish sentiments in since it's such a hard transition for me, I thought I would write down all those special thing others write to me and plagiarize. So far it's filling quite quickly. It has seven signatures so I've divided it up with 1/3 in Polish, well two signatures, and the remainder in months/seasons, Christmas sentiment, Valentine etc.
You have to admit the spine and stiching are quite attractive, and it's small enough on the book shelf not too be in the way. I've even put some of my stamp sentiments in since I don't always know where they are. oops now you know how organized I am. I may have to make another one to put all those religious cards into, just in case someone needs one. I just attach them with photo corners and then they can be removed. Hey that's not a bad little project for my mom and me on those long days.


Leslie Jane Moran said...

Regarding the devil's comment in your side bar? Doesn't HEsay that every morning :) LOL

Put that one in your book for sure!

irenka said...

Well sometimes he's still asleep. LOL