Friday, January 16, 2009

You're Driving me Crazy

I don't drive. I learned to drive at the appropriate time, when I was 16yrs old. My brother in law took me out for a practice session and said we'd come home when I hit something.(He had a lot of confidence in me eh!) Well we did o.k. until we pulled into the driveway and I rear ended my sisters car. Even though I got my license I have not driven for too many years. I'm 55 yrs. old and now I really feel like I need to drive. After walking (probably around the world) and knowing every bus route in more than my own town, I'm tired of waiting for buses in the cold. It's not the time I'm wasting, (because I have no where to go in a hurry). It's just so damn cold. What's stopping me you say, I'm very nervous about this whole traffic thing. I live in the city center a bustling city center and everywhere I want to go is on busy streets. But then again I look at the many women I know who drive and most of them are not eager, confident drivers, they have never killed anyone, or themselves. So why not I say? Certainly one of the Big THINGS on my list of to do this year. For years I argued with my husband about this and then decided I was not going to live in a marriage where driving was the only argument always, now there are many other things we argue about, so driving is not an issue anymore. Quietfire Design does a weekly journal prompt and I suggested this topic I'd love to hear what others have to say about it. And I'd certainly love to hear from you. I don't particularity like being in a car so that is something I will have to overcome. But I hate having to ask for a ride even more. So Driving is driving me crazy.


Leslie Jane Moran said...

I'll be driving to the bookbinding class on Sunday. We'll discuss this then. I always admire you for taking the bus. I know it's an awful thing to do in the cold, but it's such a forward thinking method. We should all be stopping driving and taking public transit. For now, I'm always happy to pick you up...anywhere, anytime. Enough cars on the road without me having to worry about YOU coming the other way:) Keep on the buses!!!

irenka said...

I'm so grateful for you driving. I'll be your co-pilot anyday.

Annette said...

You'll do just me on the other hand, has always wanted to take the city bus but I don't know how and besides we get some real strange people on our buses here where I live, according to my kids, they use to take the city bus where ever they wanted to go, but now they drive, just hang your rosary on the rear view mirror! That's what my daughter is getting for getting her license, the car one!!
Hugs to you

Just Joni said...

the fewer cars on the road, the better for the environment...but driving can be very liberating...good luck with your decision, I'm sure you will do just fine!

martha brown said...

I don't even have my license, Irene! And I don't plan to. I don't like getting in cars (I've been in many many accidents)Luckily, I can walk everywhere I need to go (I live a few blocks from Designer Fabrics,The Workroom, Woolfits art supply and Soo Ling beads -- what more does a girl need?)My only regret is that my daughter got her license last year. She torments me with her "power"

Anonymous said...

I will help you CI...I can coach you if you'd like. I think it would be great for you to learn to drive again!
Love,Adi :)