Tuesday, December 23, 2008

It's almost Christmas

Well tomorrow will be the Night Before Christmas, and my house still looks like we just moved in. There are boxes and bags and stuff all over the place, and none of them presents. And while I've been doing stuff all week I know I just will not have it the way it should be, and to top it off today I had to do the grocery run, and since I don't drive that was TOO many hours. The upside of course is I didn't have to worry about parking, or traffic. I still didn't complete my list, but I couldn't buy a chicken if my life depended upon it. Just none left. I guess it will be vegetable stock. I really am trying this year to do the traditional Polish Wigilia, (Christmas Eve). I'm not sure why we don't eat meat on this night, but I've always told my children, " you don't eat the animals that gave Our Lord shelter." That seems reasonable, I'm sure there is more to it but I just don't know, if anyone does, let me know. We will have our red Barszcz, pierogi, a fish of some kind. We as children, didn't care what the dessert was because everyone was anxious to open presents. Yes we open on Christmas Eve. And I hope I'll be able to stay awake long enough to go to Midnight Mass. On my grocery adventure today I went into my favorite Polish store, ( I really need to practice my Polish, very few of these ladies speak English) and one of my favorite tunes were playing, I can see Bronia singing it, I immediately thought of Pan Karasek and Yes you guessed it I started to cry. It's so embarrassing. Fortunately everyone was so busy no one seemed to notice. You'd think I'd be out of tears by now. Pan and Pani Karasek were our Polish school teachers, and I think I hear his voice every time I write in Polish, spelling hints you know. I remember those feather wings he made for our Christmas pageant. The world is a better place because he was here. Enjoy.


Just Joni said...

Oh Irene! I received my Christmas Rose ornament today and she is simply beautiful...love the legend you included and she will adorn my Christmas tree for years to come...thank you for the exchange...and I love that Polish song...I can't understand the words, but her voice is beautiful and we do not need to speak the language to know it is meaningful...thank you for sharing and I wish you and your family a merry, merry Christmas amidst your boxes and things...it's the love in the room that will make it Christmas.

Joy to you ~

Anonymous said...

Funny, but I remember every single word of that song from Polish school Christmas recitals. Its one of my favourites AND its also funny, because I catch myself singing that song to little Stephanie when I put her down to sleep.
Merry Christmas to everyone and a very Happy New Year!
Andrea :)

Carmi said...

Irene, can you tell us about your beautiful picture? When was it done...was it for a special occassion or a magazine?

irenka said...

What beautiful picture?

Annette said...

Don't feel bad...I was sitting here at home the other day and watching "Martha Stewart" and the blind Italian man that sings opera, sang a song in Italian, and I couldn't understand a word of it, but you could feel it, and I started crying, and when I go mass and they sing that song, don't know the title, but it has the word's "and he will left you up on eagles wings and make you shine like a star, and hold you in the palm of his hand" I literally bawl, and we usually sing it during communion, and Father's smile's and rubs my head!
Merry Christmas to you and my our Saviors Love be with you and yours everyday, and year long.

p.s. the title of that song just came to came me "Eagles wings"

National Pet Day...

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