Sunday, November 23, 2008

A briliant find...

Last week, which was book binding Sunday, Leslie dropped off some needlework magazines for me to scrutinize, vintage magazines. She knows I like to use some of these images in my altered books. I thought when she brought them I'm just taking them directly to the recycling bin, I just don't have enough space to keep anything else. Well, this morning with my coffee, I had to be quiet because the Rooster was fast asleep, so I thought "Oh I'll just flip through to see that everything is not what I want anymore. I've been decorating my home for a great many years never seemingly done. I don't know how to go to a furniture store and just pick out a room setting where everything matches. Consequently, I've made our headboard over the years. Well we've either grown, or just got less cuddly over the years and we've managed to change from a double bed in the first years of our marriage to a king and so my upholstered headboard no longer fit and I have not found a replacement. Well look at my photo. Just kinky enough for me. Of course all those circles are embroidery hoops, can't find those anymore so I'll be welding a few together. I'm sure I'll have to make some modifications but then again that would be me, wouldn't it. Thank You Leslie. By the way only about 3 books found their way into the bag for a knitting friend, no books were recycled, they all found a home in my must do something from this book pile. Have a blessed day, I did.

photo of headboard from a book I own.

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Carmi said...

That is a brilliant idea for a headboard!!