Monday, August 11, 2008

A labour of love

A few weeks ago my niece celebrated her 30th birthday. I've been working hard on a piece of art that I hope she will enjoy. She's a tea drinker. I thought and thought and thought some more of something wonderful that I could give her that will let her know that I love her every time she looks at it. I don't really care if she doesn't have it on display in her home, because quite possibly it will not match her decor. I know that perhaps she would have liked it to be a bit more contemporary but then it would not have my style or signature reflected. So here is a work in progress. I hope it looks great when I'm finished and I hope that I'll be able to put some sentiment on the inside that will give her a smile when she reads it. It's not ready to gift yet, but soon.

So why am I posting so prematurely. Well I need some help in choosing teas to put into it, and of course I'd like a "tea" sentiment to print on the inside. Any ideas?


Leslie Jane Moran said...

Include Lady Grey favourite

A little box of friendship
With a bag of tea
When you sit to drink this
Think of love from me.
source unknown

irenka said...

Thank you Leslie, I knew you would send me something.

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