Sunday, July 20, 2008

Sunday morning...

This morning when I walked out it was raining so hard I felt like I was wading in the shallow end of a pool. Having never learned to swim, it prompted me to think of the people in the world who face floods over and over again. What happens to those who can't swim, like me? I can't imagine the feeling. What would you wear to keep dry, could you keep dry? I had an umbrella and water shoes and I still felt like a wet rat upon my arrival at mass, and that was only a few short blocks from home, about half an hour walk. Imagine it like this for days and days. I'd been praying for rain, just because I'm too lazy to water. Rain just seems so perfect on our gardens. I can remember around the time my brother was born, it was March. It had rained so hard the creek outside our home was almost at the top of the whole creek, which is probably 50feet deep. There were two families in the house next door, and the man from the upstairs unit was leaving for work at 5:30 a.m. when he closed the back door shut he slipped and slid right down the bank and hung on for dear life for quite some time before being discovered. I don't remember exactly who found him and how they got him out, (I'm sure Alice will). He was always a joker an we all laughed it off, but imagine what could have happened. I think that same spring they actually found a body floating in the creek, I don't recall any conclusion to that mystery, I'm sure my parents kept it from us as we were very young. Now the creek still runs, it has a highway built around it, the bank was just as slippery the other day when I checked it out as I remember, great for tobogganing in the old days, probably not so good now, especially as i think my tobogganing days are pretty much done. If this keeps up I think building an ark is certainly worth thinking about. When I assessed the watering of my garden everything looked o.k. except I sort of half expect my fish in the pond to be walking around on the grass, but they were fine. I guess the weeping tile I installed last spring really works. I'm getting pretty good at this construction bit. Too bad I won't be needing it for much longer as I'm not constructing anymore ponds, or renovating anymore kitchens or bathrooms. Stay dry.

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