Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Not the ruby slippers

Today as I was walking along, thinking, about my feet. You know you're getting old when you think about your feet. When you're young you think about shoes. Now I do still think alot about shoes. I never pass a shoe store without looking carefully and thoroughly at every shoe. Anyway, getting back to feet, they hurt. I can remember very clearly wearing shoes with heals like the one in my photo and higher, and with less shoe all day at work, even when I was very pregnant, and yes by ten in the evening, after an eight hour shift in the shoe department my feet were tired but I could not say they hurt like they do today. I still wear high heels, not everyday, and I think that's the problem. You know when you dress up you always feel better than when you're in your grubbies. Well I do anyway. I think that might be my answer, I need to get a job in the shoe department and buy more shoes and then my feet will get the message. Well maybe not. I've decided that the shoes make the gal. You could be wearing jeans and runners and set the tone, wear the same pair of jeans and nice shoes and see how that makes you feel. I think the most memorable shoes I own were platforms. I still took the bus in those days, and I walked to the bus stop most mornings. One morning Barb my sister and I were running (in my platforms) to the bus, down Red Hill Creek Hill. And I flew. I had bandages on both my knees for many many days. Thank goodness for midi dresses as they were then called. When we moved to Etobicoke I got a job at the Robert Simpson Company in the shoe dept. We all had great shoes in those days. I still have some basic shoes from back then. Why is it that I can't find a pair of shoes that are just right, I always seem to settle. I don't even do Pay Less, for me that is a waste of a shoe shopping adventure. It has to be leather uppers and preferably leather soles, although I'm o.k. with rubber for safety sake. NO NATURALIZERS, I'm appalled that my young nieces wear them. For me the perfect shoe is any Amalfi. I have never seen an Amalfi I didn't love. Now think about it. Think of famous shoes. Cinderella and the glass slipper, found her prince wearing them. Dorthy and the Ruby slippers, look where those shoes took her. My mothers $500 shoes come to mind. I can't really remember what I wore for my graduation, but I know I had knock out shoes. I'm going to do something about my sore feet, I just don't want to live without great shoes. So for the time being let's skip down the yellow brick road with Dorthy and those red shoes. And think of this, if a man asks you what a woman wants you must answer "Shoes, lot and lots of shoes". (remember this line, it'll be int he book)


Carmi said...

Hello Hello!
Thank you for popping by my blog....I am sure I could convince you to love a little doll.....they are highly addictive!

Anonymous said...

Just so everyone knows...I DO NOT WEAR NATURALIZERS...I have to admit I have been in the store,but do NOT own a pair. AP

Anonymous said...

sorry it took me sooooooooooo long to profess that I dont have Naturalizers either - you must have me confused with my mother!!!

Misia xoxo

irenka said...

Oh I am so glad you don't wear them AP and MF I thought I would surely be losing my mind if young ladies like you resorted to Naturalizers.