Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Rain, Rain go away...

The last four days have been clean up days. Those of you who are familiar with my housekeeping will know that I don't worry about a little mess. I have certain criteria, NO BUGS, not too much dust, clean towels, sheets and dishtowels (especially dishtowels). When my husband is home I must use 12 dishtowels, during a one day, for some reason he thinks they are paper towels. Since I'm attempting to be environmentally friendly I don't use paper napkins or paper towels. So I wash a lot. Beyond that if my kids are fed and loved I'm happy. My friend read someplace that you should clean for 45 min. then take a rest for 20 min., and then45 min. work again and so on. Being the godmother of our resident scientist, I decided to experiment. It is supposed to be most efficient. I'm trying really hard to keep the schedule. During my rest periods I have tried to hoe out my excesses of magazines, paperback books, and sort through paper. Because I find this task very relaxing I did it during my rest period. WELL!
I discovered a leak in my studio. Now all of you who know my husband, know he will not hire someone to fix-it. So that means I have to move everything within 50 feet,( even though the room is a max of 12ft. x 18ft.) because you all know I will need new dry wall and carpeting, and possibly new electrical and plumbing work. So off I go moving all this fabric, wood, paper, paints, canvas, tables, upholstery projects etc. Since it's been raining pretty well the last few days we thought we would be able to narrow down where exactly this leak is. By now all the ceiling tiles are moved (in no orderly fashion) and there is a garage full of tools on the floor, all around the ladder. Well thank goodness the rain has continued today, and we were able to narrow the drip down to the pipe where my in house plumber used to put in the new taps. He was cutting corners I suppose and needed to put some plumbers crap around the connection. So the drip could possibly be fixed within the next month. Andy time, you know. I did however, in my 45min. work sessions clean an awful lot up. I vacuumed, connected wood pieces to patterns (in an attempt to reduce my clutter). I feel suddenly inspired to make a little girls dress. But first some alterations, I keep growing. So now the rain can go away, I'm ready to pull weeds.

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Anonymous said...

Well Miss Irenka you are a better person than I would be. If there was a problem and my better half did not fix it, I would look in the yellow pages and call the first person who could come immediately. I am hoping you didn't have to reconstruct your basement after the plumbing job was finished.

You should congratulate yourself on your Blog adventure. You have sure put your "blog teacher sister" to shame. You are doing a wonderful job with your attachments. I guess you can now write about your adventures at your mother's house today! Love AS

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