Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Good Night

I often can't sleep at night. I'm not sure if it's the guy next to me snoring, the kid who is coming home late, or is it my age. When my boys were little if they couldn't sleep I would just stroke their heads, or tickle gently their backs, and eventually they would relax and dose off. My niece Andrea loved to have you run your fingers through her hair and she would be fast asleep. Now her niece is enjoying much the same pre-beditme treatment. My niece has gone back to work after her maternity leave, and the baby is having to break in a new caregiver. Her Grandmother. Sleep is one of those things that can be elusive. I don't think I've had a good night sleep since I became a mom. Daniel was such a procrastinator at bed time. First there would be the negotiation of what time he could stay up till, then he would need more than one story, of course he needed to brush his teeth again, they still felt dirty, then there would be the "I need a drink". Then you would have to go to the bathroom. By then I would be so tired of going up and down the stairs, that I would just lie down with him to keep him there. Often times when my husband would come home from afternoon shift I would be fast asleep and Daniel would still be sitting there talking at me. I would then have to get up and go to my own bed, and before you know it Daniel would need something again. He grew out of the routine when he was about 4 but, continues to come into my room to tell me just one more thing. So you see if I fall asleep, my other self thinks this is all wrong you need to be awake, or ready to wake up. So you see when I sit down in the afternoon, I just crash. I just never get enough. We've talked about getting just the right bed, having your own room, dark, cool or warm enough depending on what you prefer. But is that really the right formula. My assignment today is to research the perfect bed mate. I'm sure this part will be complete fiction. Good Night, sleep tight don't let the bed bugs bite.

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Anonymous said...

The key thing Irenka is to have a spare room for those nights that snoring penetrates the entire room. Yes, I have started little Stephanie on "do my back", but of course she now also likes her front done (tummy). Saying that, the new moms have discovered this little blanket with satin on one side and flannel on the other, nothing new you say - well, this blanket has strands of knots on one corner and chewing on these, apparentely is very soothing. Shall I buy you one? Or perhaps Andy and Daniel could use one.

National Pet Day...

This is our pet cat, he lived with us for 18 years, adopted from a shelter, best cat ever. RIP Keahan