Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Back to Romance

Do you ever watch old movies. I don't mean black and whites. I mean like Get Smart, or Columbo. I sort of crash on Sunday afternoon and I watch Columbo, or MacMillan and Wife, or Mcleod. Remember when that series came out and it was a Sunday night special. Take note in the advancements that have taken place in law enforcement, in technology. Compare these to the CSIs of today. My kids laugh at me for watching these shows. And while we know Columbo will get his man, and Sally and Mac will solve whatever crime is being committed, we also know that there would never be a cop like Mcleod for long in New York today. I slept with a cop for 29 years, I know. So of all these men ( and other than Sally and Mildred, the wife and maid) all these heroes were men. Even these things have changed. Where am I going with all this? Well I need to decide when my romance novel will take place. What time and where globally. I had always thought it would be historical fiction, but apparently that doesn't sell too well. I'm not sure I'm interested in selling. After all my husband needs to keep working. So I've been watching and taking notes on places I'd like to dream of having a romance in. Haven't decided on the hero yet. I know that once I meet him I will not even consider any other. We're not talking love here, just romance. Or could it be the romance of all time and love just happens.
Remember "Love Story" with Ali and Ryan O'Neil. Wasn't that sappy. I think I'll have to have the hero have some more horrific secret. (part of the formula) O.k. the first 5 comments that suggest a horrific secret will get a cameo appearance in the book. And if I use your suggestion well you might be the other woman.

P.S. Yes the cop I sleep with has a raincoat just like that, I would not allow him to wear it all wrinkled like that. After all I have that fabulous iron, but that's another blog. He's perhaps not as clever as Columbo, but he's certainly as annoying.

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National Pet Day...

This is our pet cat, he lived with us for 18 years, adopted from a shelter, best cat ever. RIP Keahan