Sunday, June 22, 2008

A rose by anyother name

Andzia Wojtowicz Rose
Rose photo by R.K. Nowak
Yesterday was garden day, or so I thought. Every time I got out there and got into the thick of things, it would rain. I've come to the point in my life where I give myself a daily goal, or a task goal, so for yesterdays goal, in between down pours, was to weed out my rose garden. Well the task was not that difficult, a little prickly, but done. I thought I'm getting good at this, and while I still need to amend my soil and mulch the whole works, I can look out at breakfast and "smell the roses."

A number of years ago, when I was assisting my mother in her extensive rose garden, I commented that I liked one particular rose. Of course my mother and her friends use to exchange rose clippings, plant them and cover them with a jar and viola you had a bush. Thus, every rose in my mothers garden has a friendship attached to it. My garden of friends may not be quite as flowerful but none the less there are a few. The rose in the picture is one my mother clipped for me and planted in my own garden, she actually did three specimens, not trusting my gardening abilities, and they are all growing beautifully. The friendship attached to this rose was Angia Wojtowicz. When we were kids we loved it when Pani Wojtowicz would come over, because she always had dinner ready (meaning we didn't have to do anything) and (dishes would be done) our chore aswell. She made the BEST meatballs. She was an all around pleasure to have visit. So the saying by annonymous about fragrance of the flower remaining on the hand of the giver is quite accurate. Every time I prune around this rose I shall think of those meatballs and Andzia.

Just as a foot note, R.K. Nowak is my brother, I think he takes a great picture, even if he doesn't take many. Scrapworthy.

When it rained and I was forced to come in, I sorted pictures.

I know Martha does that thing with the roses, but I have not been able to find any information on how to do it. My mother-in-law also does it, but as both my mothers are not physically able to do this, if anyone knows how to do it I'd love to learn how. I'd like to keep some of my mothers friends in my garden too.

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Anonymous said...

I have a rose in my garden...and each year it come back, even through the winter, and blooms beautifully. I find it amazing how that happens. My girlfriends and I, share something like the rose clipping Babcia did with her friends. We share tea/coffee mugs. We all have matching cup and saucers and alternate coffee/tea night at eachothers' house. The host is responsible for tea, coffee and one dessert. Just an excuse to get together to gab. We keep it simple so its pleasant to host. The rose clippings or coffee nights keep us close to our girlfrends who we always have somethihg to say to. AP

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