Thursday, February 13, 2014

Thursday Thoughts...

Why is it that when you don't have to get up in the morning you are up and when you have to get up you cannot rip yourself out of that warm cozy bed, in my case next to an over heated Handy Andy?  I understand why women like overweight men, they are soft and warm, they generate a lot of heat, even when they turn the furnace down.  

Anyway, this week I attended a funeral on Monday. I hope to heck people don't just talk about the good things I've done when I die, TELL ME NOW.  And I mean that for everyone not just me.  The gentleman who passed away was just that a Gentle Man.  When I looked at all the clubs and associations he contributed his time to, it was overwhelming.  His granddaughter framed a sheet of paper with all their symbols on them, it was quite a quilt of events.  Then I thought, he had five kids, when did he have time to do all this?  Well clearly he did, or maybe he and his Mrs. just needed to get out. I've always felt it was a good thing for children , my children, to see that you didn't always have to do something for money, but because you could.  When I volunteered in the past they would be actively involved, I can't say that I'm doing a whole lot now, it's not the same without them.  S. Vincent, my youngest use to haul my tea things, china cups and plates and cakes with me, for our volunteer snacks,  I'm sure he enjoyed that as much as they did.(he has a real sweet tooth)  And Daniel signed me up for a multitude of things when he was in grade school, just so he could stay longer and play in the playground.  frequently heard words were,  "my mom will do that Mrs. Von B" .  Mrs. Von B would call and say, "Daniel said you might be available..."I don't know why people thought I had nothing to do.  Anyway, it was time well spent.  I recently resigned from my church duties, just because I felt it was time to move on to something else.  I'd been partnered with a lady for the past ten years, and she is no longer able to do this so, I'm not to anxious to "blend" with a new person.  The person we visited also died so to me that felt like a natural point to leave.  You get very attached to these people.  Ten years, every week, I bet I saw her more than her kids did.  
I suppose in retrospect, that one doesn't take account of ones' life until it's no longer a life.  Apparently, and I wish I had asked for copies, this gentleman did write down his adventures, in the organizations, at the request of his granddaughter.  I hope this was distributed for all his family.  I'd always been after my mom to write things down, she never did. So maybe this is a good time for us to reflect on our lives and write stuff down.  I don't have grandchildren, and I suspect by the time I do, if I do, my boys will have forgotten the days we hauled boxes at the Rosary office, or walking 15 miles during World Youth Day, or setting tables for the volunteer tea, or puppet workshops.  Good times need to be remembered, we tend to remember all the bad stuff so vividly, we forget the good. 

My sister  B, had sent around a lovely little story about a 92 year old blind man entering a nursing home and having made up his mind to "love the room" he blew away the staff at his reaction, saying he drew on the happy memories he had to make him feel this way.  WELL, I don't know if I'd be happy about going into a nursing home to me it would take some tremendous memories/ or horrible ones to be happy about the situation.   But, if that's the kind of feel good story we need to hear... I don't think I will ever feel "happy" about my mom in a nursing home, no matter how I rationalize the decision.  Happy is not the word I would use, necessary, no other choice, might be the description I would have to give,  but not happy.  She couldn't draw on her memories, they were not there anymore. 

So that was my thoughts on Monday.

Tuesday, Wednesday were other adventures.  One of the ladies  in furniture refinishing and she a big time refinisher, hit the jack pot.  She purchased one of those items that you get for almost nothing and discover it's worth a WHOLE BAG of MONEY.  Way to got BARB!  So these things don't really just happen on Antique Road Show.  I always think when my kids sell my stuff at the "big Garage Sale" someone will come by and say "Oh, it could have been worth a million dollars, but she refinished it". They should be thinking,  "thank goodness our mother did that, or she'd be nagging us".

Still cold out here, but we are hovering just below the freezing mark.  My husband is obsessed with the wild rabbits in my yard, he's feeding them,  there is rabbit droppings everywhere. He needs to find a job.

Today, as you may have guessed it's laundry day.  I'm also doing an evening workshop or have been for the past three weeks, and tonight will be our final meeting, in Bio Ethics.  VEry Interesting.
I'm still doing well with my Month of Letters, on target.  It's amazing how many things I've discovered that should be mailed.  I've been sending stuff off to a particular lady in the U.S. and I'm hoping customs won't think we are smuggling quilt fabric.  It's been a blast, me getting my fabrics to someone who WANTS them.  I've been proof reading my bit here, and I spotted an error and now can't find it.  If you do, assume I'm right. Have a warm one.


Margaret @ BooksPlease said...

Lovely post, Irene!

I wish my parents had written something about their lives and I keep meaning to write about mine - not that it's dramatic or anything, but just a bit about what life was like etc. I have three grandchildren and one, the youngest asks me what it was like when I was a little girl - her eyes open so wide when I say things like 'well, we had no TV'!

Vicki said...

Very interesting post Irene!

Writing things down is a great idea! Or...just asking questions. Now that both my parents are gone, there are so many things I think of that I wish I'd asked them.

Wish I could find something at a yard sale/flea market that's worth a bunch!

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