Monday, June 12, 2017

A little something I've been working on...

Way back in January I started to work on this "china cabinet".  It was in rough shape, the shelf was split, the bottom support broken in two, and much of the veneer on the sides was bubbled and missing.
As I planned to use this in my studio, to replace some of my flood damaged bookcases, I took the top design off, fixed the bottom brace and stripped it all.  It was smelly, so I also used a product to seal it and get rid of that smell.  It worked.
I still plan on etching the glass that goes in the door there, as soon as I can find it, I put it in a safe place.  I'm most pleased with the results. The painted areas are the ones that were most damaged and veneer missing,  I'm not so good at replacing veneer.  So... here she be


Vicki said...

Wow Irene, it's beautiful! I wish I was crafty like you are.

Jenny said...

She be gorgeous, dear Irene! What a talent you have for transforming something so-so into something sensational! Good job. Good to "see" you, too. xoxo