Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Kreativ Blogger Award.

Well I got a little surprise today, the Kreativ Blogger Award from Annette of "Just Annette". How sweet. When I started this blog I thought it would be mostly people in my creative circle,and my writing class, well I've met some really neat people from all over the world, that's why I'm O.K. just where I am no need travel, for now, anyway. I can't say I'm not tempted to go visit Joni at "Morning Coffee" and Annette, and the thought of going to Australia to take a class with Judy "Red Velvet" or Annie in either New York or Australia, but I'm delighted to know my local blogging friends, Nancy what a source of inspiration and energy, and Lennie with her great photo shop talents, and Carmi, well it all started with Carmi didn't it. Carmi led to Marie, Susan and Marie led to Olga and now I have eyes in Poland. and the tri city to boot. And so many more. You get the picture you only have to look at my blog roll to see I keep adding wonderful places to visit. Anyway this award allows me the opportunity to list 7 things I love. I'm going to list them in no particular order, because love grows and it seems the more you love the more things and people there are to love.

1. I love that I have my faith. Not only in good times, but especially in bad. I too can't imagine what people who don't recognize their faith. I do think we all have faith, some of us just don't know it.

2. I love my family. I feel privileged to be a mom.

3. I love my nieces and nephews, and sisters, and brother,and brother-in-law and most of all my mother, and father. I actually even love my mother-in-law.

4. I love my art friends, my church friends, my election friends, and my BLOGGING Friends. I hope that I have made a difference in their lives, as they have in mine.

5. I love to bake and eat it, best with someone I love.

6. I love to get involved, with anything that I can do to avoid cleaning my house.

7. I love to learn, anything.

O.K. So Here are the Rules

List 7 things you love.

Link back to the person who gave you the award.

Pass it on to 7 bloggers.

Have Fun!

Now I'm not going to pass this on, I hope that seven of my blogging friends will take up the challenge and run with it. You are all way more" KREATIVE" than me.


me again said...

CONGRATULATIONS!! A well-deserved award for you!! And it was so sweet to mention me :-)

Oh, and you asked on my blog where I am right now .... we are in Florida. Hot, hot Florida!

(My word verification is cater .... am I supposed to be catering something..... LOL)


Leslie Jane Moran said...

A "love-ly" award for one of the "love-liest" people I know. Congrats.

Annie said...

Yes, here I am catching up again, after all this time!

Congratulations on this award.!

I was very surprised to see you mentioned me! Thanks!

I may try to run with it and pass it on...I am not very good at these, so don't hold your breath!

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